BECAUSE [ acoustic ]

from by m o k r o ï é

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Add. drums : Dave Collingwood


Because [ acoustic ]
(With the same divide & conquer)
I really hope so. I really hope.
Look at the blood on their hands
Mommy says it's because the Presidents want to protect us from the bad people.
Daddy says it's too complicated for me to understand, but it has something to do with the left voting for the right,
or the right voting for the left.
Or because of all the bad people don't believe in the Good Book.
Because our Creator up in the sky has big plans for us down here.
That He's not happy with the bad people hurting us with their guns, and making us come home to Him up there.
Not I, no economies crash, and future FEMA camps plans are laid.
We long to wake from this nightmare. If only we laid still in the bed we've made!
No time for dreaming. Drones are aimed at ordinary citizens. Straw man's owned and paid by the black hand that
pulls the strings.
Pray in reverse and behold the results it brings!
Few can say they've witnessed our leaders praying under lock and key.
Key witnesses always there to bear their testimony.
or in reality
Not any.
We are one. We are all one and the same, as we move forward to a One World Order. With the same divide &
conquer. Same imperialistic games, and who gains? And who complains?
Some are in the business of defense
which leaves the enemy defenseless.
Got fences around what we appropriately call our own.
original lyrics by: Alan "Allonymous" Conway (C) 2015


from GLOBAL - SYSTEM - ERROR, released March 3, 2017



all rights reserved


mokroïé Paris, France

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