m³tic (micro macro mokroïé's travels in colors)

by m o k r o ï é

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THE WHOLE NEW BOX (Pandora’s Box) When Pandora opened it succumbing to her curiosity When Pandora opened it all evils, all the pains are removed Géras is a frail old man sex long flaccid leaning on a cane Physically the disease is here At this time Mania is calling, to tell she leaves us without respite When the fire burns in London America is collapsing As you see The war is not far The box was full and emptied on us Too blind now too deaf we cannot see or hear About the betrayal it‘s no longer a question of dates or places Passion is beautiful Passion hurts Passion hurts Mania is calling, to tell she leaves us Géra is dying, to tell we’re dying Ms. Hope was beautiful; she was slow to leave Pandora's Box The box was full and emptied on us Too blind now too deaf we cannot see or hear Ms. Hope was so beautiful but too slow to leave The whole new box @ Carol Aplogan
If you had been blue a blue star I would have traveled the sky a day of sun to reach Your flicker. If you had been red Suck me Heaven! We’re moving too fast At the heart of the Milky Way, Prison is in the whole of / universe And it's more / Than expected If I’m by your side Burning, even crying / Tear off the barbed wire Mixed flesh all around A ballet of our hearts Deployed to the stars scattered Prison is in the whole of / universe And it's more / Than expected If I’m by your side Burning, even crying. An anchor without further point, Than the smoke escaping / From your ship That I pursue as water flowing in the river/ in the river/ I throw my stones; To relieve me in the heart of Heaven I’m not alone, not at all In the heart of Heaven Heart of Heaven Suck me Heaven! © Carol Aplogan




Special thanks to Shawn Murry for the spoken voice on « From The Outer Space (We are) »


« micro macro mokroïé's travels in colors »

What inspired me on for these two tracks is a reflection on the infinitely small and the infinitely large.
My wish, in this music was to highlight the connection between these two infinities, then, through her voice and her lyrics , Carol has added nuances and stories with sensitivity in writing.

The infinitely small that we imagine perceive through our eyes, in the deeper complexity of our soul, an equal immensity that the infinitely large in which we can lose ourself as much as to marvel.

This fascinating idea of the universe and our origins that seems inconceivable, mysterious.

Recognising the beauty of life, of Earth, the beauty of the sky, the stars, sometimes the beauty of our souls, and its inherent pain and disappointments, the fact of feeling that we come from somewhere unknown that is dear and comforting.

Musically we explore new ways mixed with new energy, shades, colours and rhythms.



Zoom In and Out : m o k r o ï é through a colourful trip :

The Whole New Box:

The story of all evils that have taken root on Earth after being released by Miss Hope, so busy to contemplate herself that she forgot to close the box containing them.
These evils are escaped, flowing as a thick ply on us , ourselves quite ignorant and unwilling to fight.

From The Outer Space (We Are):

Our eyes have gone a trip to the vertical.
We have been sucked up by heavens to reach the stratosphere then universe and have started an easy journey. On board our vessels, on a modulated speed, a gushing of coloured stars guided us in this vastness of space from which we can still feel us prisoner, cramped if there were no love as a driving force.



Ce qui m'a inspiré concernant ce double titre est une réflexion sur l'infiniment petit et l'infiniment grand, mon souhait étant de faire transparaître dans la musique, ce rapprochement entre ces deux infinis, ensuite, au travers de sa voix ses textes, Carol a ajouté des nuances, et des histoires avec sa sensibilité dans l'écriture.

L'infiniment petit que l'on imagine percevoir à travers nos yeux, dans la plus profonde complexité de notre âme, d'une égale immensité que l'infiniment grand dans lequel on peut se perdre et s'émerveiller pareillement.

Cette idée fascinante qui semble inconcevable, mystérieuse de l'univers et de nos origines.
Le fait de reconnaître la beauté de la vie, la Terre, et ses désillusions, la beauté du ciel, des étoiles, la beauté parfois de nos âmes, et ses douleurs et désillusions inhérentes aussi, le fait de sentir que nous venons d'un quelque part inconnu qui nous est cher et réconfortant.

Musicalement nous explorons de nouvelles pistes, tout en énergie, et nuances de couleurs et de rythmes.


Zoom et dé zoom de m o k r o ï é au travers d'un voyage coloré :

The Whole New Box:

L'histoire de tous les maux qui ont pris racine sur Terre après avoir été mis en liberté par « Miss Hope », tellement occupée à se contempler qu'elle en a oublié de refermer la boîte les contenant.
Ces maux se sont donc échappés, se déversant telle une nappe épaisse sur les Hommes, eux même assez ignorants et peu enclins à les combattre.

From The Outer Space (We Are):

Nos yeux ont parcouru un voyage à la verticale.
Nous avons été aspirés par les cieux pour rejoindre la stratosphère puis l'univers et entamer un voyage léger. A bord de nos vaisseaux, en vitesse modulée, les étoiles colorées jaillissantes à perte de vue nous ont guidé dans cet immensité spatiale dont on pourrait encore se sentir prisonnier ou à l'étroit s'il n existait pas l'amour comme moteur.



released January 1, 2015


Mastering @ JulienGB www.facebook.com/juliengbsound

Production: m o k r o ï é
Music & Arrangement : Francesco
Lyrics & Vocals : Carol

Artwork « The Whole New Box » (edit & full version) issued from the official music video « The Whole New Box » Written & Directed by Deise Mikhail

All other artworks : Francesco


all rights reserved



mokroïé Paris, France

m o k r o ï é is a electro/trip-hop multidisciplinary artistic project

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