( E x t r a s ) — compilation remixes

by mokroïé



Back to the past with « (Extras) » a compilation of remixes from m o k r o ï é , with an unrelease track, « Run » remixed with additionnal guitars from Nugzar : soundcloud.com/nugzarius

Nugzar is also a talented luthier, more informations :

Retour sur le passé avec « (Extras) » une compilation de remixes passés, avec un inédit, « Run » remixé avec les guitares additionnelles de Nugzar :

Nugzar est aussi un talentueux luthier, plus d'informations :


released September 1, 2015



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mokroïé Paris, France

Our music inspires vivid imagery and it can be very interesting for a number of creative artists in visual arts field around the world.
Our tracks can be integrated in films soundtracks; our music evokes a range of emotions and ambients feelings which can be embraced by a multitude of artistic fields and highly inspire artists starting from the beginning of the creative process to the final work.
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Track Name: The Door In My Head (club mix)
The Door In My Head

I have a door in my head
It’s what I call The Heaven

When I knock the door in my head
Well I can see The Heaven

They are yellow, round and sweet
The flowers of My Heaven
The green grass is even deep…….Heaven

Would you come with me on the air

Why don’t you come my way, want to be there ?
Track Name: Walking Skeleton (insomnia club mix)
Walking Skeleton

Wake up for a new day
I’ve spent an anxious night
It’s gonna be another black day
It’s been so long I haven’t slept right through the night

Stand up for a new day
I find it difficult to put my feet on the ground
My muscles hurt all around
I’ve no satisfaction…I feel intoxication

Walking squeleton
In a state of tension
(Walking walking walking walking squeleton
Get off walking walking squeleton)

Neon lighting cast shadows on the wall
All night long
I’ve seen the red rain fall
I feel so alone

I know it, I’m gonna lose control
My eyes seem like paralysed
I’m scared of my own shadow
People I pass don’t have the normal size

Walking squeleton
In a state of tension
(Walking walking walking walking squeleton
Get off walking walking squeleton)
Track Name: Run (original mix)

Lanes on the runway
Have no end I run and run around
I run indefinitely.
I run for you, and for nothing.
There are agonies ; I erase by exhaustion.
In the rain, against the wind,
My strides stun me
My heart quicken, my steps slow down.
…. pain presses on my lungs
No hours, any hopes

In the daytime I run